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Explore our range of hardwoods and softwoods in stock and pick your own piece of timber using our online stock list making things very quick and cost effective. Our broad variety of individual sawn and planed pieces come in all sorts of sizes from long boards to short offcuts. No minimum number of pieces required. If you need only one piece to finish a job then this is the place to find the perfect bit of timber. When our timber is cut to size to order you only need to pay for what you buy and not the full length becuase we take the remaining piece and book it back into stock. Its this stock that you can now search and select a piece that just might be just right for what you need.

Why not pick a hardwood or softwood type now and look through all the available pieces in stock.

Please note the ID number refers to one unique piece. Selecting the same ID no. may result in a substitute piece selected.

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