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European Douglas Fir Timber Cut to Size

European Douglas Fir is known for its excellent structural strength and widely used throughout the construction industry due to its ready availability in a variety of sizes. Pinkish-orange when fresh sawn, European Douglas Fir will darken and eventually silver down, making it a rustic and cost-effective cladding option. Order cut to size European Douglas Fir smooth planed squared edge.

Location: Exterior, Interior | Best for: Cladding, Garden Structures | Density: Medium | Good for painting: Yes


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Cut to Size / Planed European Douglas Fir Timber 

The heartwood is light reddish-brown in colour, usually quite distinct from the lighter-coloured sapwood. The abrupt change and contrast in colour between early-wood and late-wood bands, produce a prominent growth ring figure which is a feature of plain-sawn surfaces and of rotary-cut veneer. The wood from trees grown in the UK appears to have rather less resin then the North American wood, and to some extent is of more rapid growth. The average weight of dried timber from either source is about 530 kg/m3.

Ordering European Douglas Fir Timber 

Ordering European Douglas Fir timber from Timbersource is a perfect choice for anybody requiring a wood with notable sound, heat, and electrical insulation qualities, in addition to natural fire retardancy. It also machines well, takes glue, nails and screws satisfactorily, and dries easily with minimal shrinkage. The heartwood and sapwood are both permeable. Overall, this is a strong, stiff timber which possesses low shock resistance properties.

Frequently Asked Questions about European Douglas Fir Timber 

What can this timber be used for?

European Douglas Fir is used for: Heavy Construction, Piling, House Building, Roof Trusses, Interior and Exterior Joinery, Edge-grain Flooring and many more.

How strong and durable is this timber?

European Douglas Fir is a strong and moderately durable timber. Green oak timber is stronger than European Douglas Fir.

What are its physical properties?

European Douglas Fir is difficult to work and machine than imported material due to the greater incidence of hard knots which can be troublesome especially when loosened, while fast grown stock can cause problems in sawing, drilling, mortising, and planning, due to tearing and splintering of the relatively soft early-wood.

Care must be therefore be taken in finishing, but good results can be obtained. It can be glued satisfactorily, and although tending to split, can be nailed and screwed.

What homegrown timber works well outdoors?

British douglas fir is often fresh sawn and will likely have a high moisture content but it makes for a great affordable outdoor timber for fencing, decking, fascia boards and garden walling.

Its higher knot content and character makes it a cheaper alternative to the North American version but it is still a very strong and durable option and can be easy to work with using basic tools. 

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