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European Green Oak Beams

Fresh Sawn and Air-dried European Oak are staples of exterior building projects due to their natural resilience & strength, and availability in thicknesses up to 300mm. Cut or planed to size, they can also be used effectively for cladding and decking – as with their kiln-dried counterpart, Fresh Sawn and Air-dried European Oak are a classic look that works in any setting


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Cut to Size / Planed Oak Timber Beams 

Our fresh sawn / air dried oak timber beam stock can either be ordered fresh sawn or you can take advantage of the landed stock that has been air drying at our mill in France and in our yard. All our oak timber beams are graded in France to QPA/1 and better.

Ordering Oak Timber Beams 

When ordering you’ll be able to select from various standard thicknesses - going from 150mm all the way to 400mm - and a number of lengths – from 3m to 7m. All of our beams are kept in undercover warehouses, with the hue of the wood varying according to the length of time which they have been stored. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Oak Timber Beams 

How can Planed Oak Timber Beams be cleaned?

They can be cleaned via planing, sanding, or blasting, if desired. You may also notice a blue stain across the surface, simply caused by a natural reaction between the oak and the steel tooling used to shape it. These can also be sanded off easily.

How well can the beams be finished?

In general, Oak finishes well from the planer or moulding machine although in some cases a reduction of cutting angle to 20° is preferable. The wood can be stained, polished, waxed, and glued satisfactorily, takes nails and screws well, except near edges, when the wood should be pre-bored, and takes liming and fuming treatments well. 

What thicknesses do our Oak beams come in?

 We stock a number of standard thicknesses in a variety of lengths, mainly square sections, 150mm, 200mm, 250mm, 300mm, 350mm, and even 400mm beams, ranging from 3mtrs to 7mtrs in length.

Download European Green Oak Beams Spec Sheet


European Green Oak Beams Tips

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