Hardwood Bench Slats

We sell a range of hardwood bench slats for outdoor garden benches whether you are building a new bench or refurbishing an existing garden bench. Transform an outdoor seating area and revitalise a tired garden bench within a few days by ordering bench slats and have them planed square edged ready to go. These wooden bench slats are sold at set sizes so you can have all the benefits of planed timber slats without having to order bespoke. Shop your wood bench slats here by clicking on the size option you need, enter quantity, enter your delivery postcode and pay securely.

Iroko Bench Slats

Iroko is one of the best timbers you can use for bench slats becuase its natural oil makes it very durable for outdoors lasting decades even untreated. Iroko is clear of knots and reasonably straight grained allowing a consistent look. The colour ranges from a straw yellow to a chocolate brown and colour can vary between boards and even within the same piece. This gives Iroko its unique character and a really naturally authentic wood appearance. Iroko can have a course grain so pieces may require a little sanding and its recommended the sharpe planed edges are softened or rounded slightly to avoid splinters.

Benefits of Iroko Bench Slats:

  • Externally rated lasts well outdoors
  • Very durable
  • Easy to oil but natural oil means oiling not necessary
  • Very stable
  • Clear of knots
  • Strong
  • Easy to nail, screw, glue and pin.
  • Attractive colour

Sapele Bench Slats

Sapele is one of the great hardwood bench slats becuase it is very clear of knots and character so it has a wonderfully consistent finish. Sapele has natural oils which give it its signature resinous water barrier making it very durable for outdoor use. It also has a fine grain texture which makes it very easy to plane and sand smooth ready for oiling or painting. Sapele is a very consistent and predictable bronze colour and has become a more sustainable altenative to mahogany. Sapele is also very stable and tends to stay straight in thin sizes. It is probably most appreciated for its durability lasting for decades outdoors even untreated.

Benefits of Sapele Bench slats:

  • Externally rated lasts well outdoors
  • Very durable
  • Easy to paint, stain or oil
  • Very stable
  • Clear of knots and character
  • Strong
  • Consistent colour

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