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European Oak Timber Cut to Size

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European Oak has the combined benefits of a classically appealing look and being a remarkably strong & durable timber. Endlessly versatile, European Oak is ideal for almost any project.

Order cut to size European Oak smooth planed squared edge.

Location: Exterior, Interior

Best for: Furniture, Cladding, Decking, Structural, Mouldings, Flooring

Density: Medium

Good for painting: No

Alternatives: American Oak, Ash, Iroko, Idigbo  

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What is European Oak best for?

European oak is often more characterful than the American Oak and this can be used to great effect when bringing warmth and personality to interior joinery. European is also a lot more durable and resistant to moisture as it is grown in a harsher, wetter climate. European Oak can be used outdoors.


Cut to Size / Planed all Round European Oak Timber 

European Oak, or French Oak, is grown across the whole country, but we predominantly source timber from the Burgundy and Dole regions. That's because this area of France is close to the Swiss border and the trees here tend to grow more slowly due to the relatively harsh conditions. This gives the timber a consistent golden-brown colour so you'll tend to have less variation within your order. 

Ordering European Oak Timber 

Ordering Oak planed all round timber will see you utilising a practical piece of wood that machines well, is good for nailing, screwing, staining, and polishing. You will notice only a small amount of movement in performance.

Frequently Asked Questions about European Oak Timber

What is oak used for?

European Oak is used for heavy structural use, cladding, joinery interior and exterior, furniture, flooring, sleepers, decking, construction, doors, paneling, timber bridges, confins and caskets, architectural joinery, mouldings, kitchen cabinets, barrel staves and many more. 

How strong and durable is Oak?

European Oak is durable with a medium moisture movement. The working and machining properties of oak vary with the mild to tough material which either machines easily or with moderate difficulty.

What are the physical properties of oak?

The wood can be stained, polished, waxed, and glued satisfactorily, takes nails and screws well, except near edges, when the wood should be pre-bored, and takes liming and fuming treatments well.

Download European Oak Timber Spec Sheet


European Oak Tips

Can contain Knots and sapwood

Best oak for outdoor use and high moisture levels

Grade is denoted by size of and frequency of knots so if you cut out the knots you have prime.

Typical lengths at Timbersource 2.4m, 3m, 4m

Typical Thicknesses at Timbersource (mm) 27, 32, 40, 51, 65, 80

Please note, our planing tolerance is 6mm in the thickness

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