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American Walnut Timber Cut to Size

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American Black Walnut is an attractive, dark timber used for high-end joinery, furniture and woodturning. Polishing will bring out the beautiful grain pattern. Order cut to size American Walnut smooth planed squared edge.

Location: Interior | Best for: Furniture, Flooring, Feature Walls | Density: Medium | Good for painting: No | Alternatives: Sapele, Wenge, Ash 


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Cut to Size / Planed American Walnut Wood

American Walnut is durable, even under conditions in which decay becomes likely, the benefits of black walnut planed wood are mainly enjoyed for either light construction projects, high-class joinery, or in the making of quality home furnishings. The heartwood itself is strongly resilient to decay, although the sapwood can be targeted by powder post beetles.

Typically certain species of American hardwood such as Walnut are shipped into the United Kingdom as FAS 1 face or better, using the internationally recognised NHLA (National Hardwood Lumber Association) grading rules because they are fruit woods with much smaller trunks, more sapwood, more knots etc.

FAS 1 face allows for only the best face to be 83% clear of knot and the reverse face 50% clear and the sapwood is not considered a defect, especially in Walnut and Cherry, Walnut is steamed which helps blend the colour of sap and heart.

Overall, American Walnut is a strong timber with low stiffness, and moderate bending and crushing capabilities. It is also a good choice for steam bending.

Ordering American Walnut Timber

Ordering American Walnut wood will allow you to utilise a wood that can also be painted easily, and can be polished to a dazzling finish. Keep in mind that it dries slowly meaning that care must be taken to avoid kilning degradation.

Frequently Asked Questions about American Walnut Timber 

What can walnut be used for?

American Black Walnut Timber is very popular for Furniture, Light Construction, Cabinet Making. Architectural Interiors, High-Class Joinery, Doors, Flooring, Paneling and many more.

How strong and durable is walnut?

American Black Walnut has good overall strength and is moderately hard and tough. American Black Walnut is moderately durable and is resistant to heartwood decay. The sapwood is liable to powder post beetle.

What are the physical properties of walnut?

American Black Walnut is a hard timber that has moderate bending and crushing properties, it has low stiffness and is good for steam bending. American Black Walnut finishes well and takes an excellent polish, it has good stability and is great for nailing, screwing and glueing.

What Wood Works for cabinet making?

American Black Walnut is great for premium luxury interior joinery and cabinet making. The wood patterning and character as well as the rich colour makes it look very luxurious.

Download American Black Walnut Timber Spec Sheet


American Black Walnut Tips

Very likely to contain sapwood (lighter streaks of colour) There's no guarantee you will have a consistent chocolate brown colour throughout

Oiling the timber can even out the light and dark colour

Can contain knots in wide and long boards

Please note, our planing tolerance is 6mm in the thickness

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