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What is Southern Yellow Pine Timber?

Southern Yellow Pine Timber (not to be confused with Quebec Yellow) comes from southern states of USA. It is a relatively 'heavy' weight softwood, used for joinery products such as stairs.

Southern Yellow Pine Timber is used for: Heavy Structural Use, Joinery - Exterior, Joinery - Interior, Boxes, Baskets, Pallets, Crates, Millwork, Woodenware, Novelties, Boat Building and many more. It is imported in most standard thicknesses; generally, boards are 4", 6", 8", 10" & 12" wide and lengths 8' - 16'. It is imported kiln dried and thinner stock is usually graded 'Saps' as the clearer grade sapwood is preferred, with thicker boards imported in 'prime & better' grade.



The Tree

Latin name Pinus palustris.

Also known as American Pitch Pine, Florida Yellow Pine, Georgia pine, Georgia Yellow pine, Long Leaf Pitch Pine, Longleaf Pine, Longleaf Pitch Pine, Longstraw Pine, Southern Yellow pine, Spruce pine, Straw pine, Texas yellow pine, Walter pine, Yellow pine.



The Timber

The sapwood is almost white, and the heartwood varies from creamy-white to light straw-brown, or light reddish-brown. The wood is not particularly resinous, but resin ducts produce short, brown-coloured, thin lines on longitudinal surfaces. The grain is straight, and the texture is fine and even, planed surfaces have a satin-like appearance; the growth-rings are rather inconspicuous. The wood weighs about 420 kg/m³ when dried.


Strength and Durability

A soft, weak timber, which compared to European redwood is 45 per cent softer, 25 per cent less resistant to shock loads, 30 per cent weaker in bending and in compression along the grain, and 20 per cent less resistant to splitting, and less stiff.

Southern Yellow Pine is slightly durable, not as resistant to scuffs and dents and is moderately decay resistant.


Physical Properties

Works very easily, but the soft nature of the timber encourages crumbling under dull cutting edges, which must therefore be kept sharpened in order to obtain the best results. It takes glue, stains, polish, varnish and paint well, and can be screwed or nailed.


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