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Cut to size and made to measure smooth planed square edged wood available in a range of thicknesses for floating shelves and shelf boards for your timber shelving projects. Choose your wood type to select cut to size or pick pine panels or oak panels for ready made shelves in different set sizes.

American Ash

European Beech

American Hard Maple

European Oak

American Poplar

American Oak

West African Sapele

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What kind of wood is good for shelves?

This is a question we are often asked by our customers and below are some of the more specific questions that can determine the answer.

What wood works for wide shelving? - If you need over 200mm in width this may determine the type of wood. American Ash, Iroko, Sapele and American Poplar are species that commonly come in wide boards and can easily reach over 300mm without having to join them in a workshop. If you need wider check out our pine panels which come in a variety of widths up to 600mm.

What is the strongest wood for shelving? The longer the span unsupported and the heavier the items, like hardback books, the more dense the wood needs to be. To find a dense timber for shelving you may need a hardwood which will be more dense and stronger than a softwood. Check out our Hardwood vs Softwood page.

What wood works for painting? - Clear varnishes and stains work great on Oak shelves and Ash shelves as they bring out the grain effect whereas American Poplar aka Tulipwood has a beautifully pale apperance and fine textured grain making it our number one for painting. We recommend applying a prime coat first and doing a gentle rub down with a 240 grit sandpaper for best results.

Should I use dark or light wood? - Sapele shelves are a dark brown almost bronze like colour and Walnut shelves provide a dark interior decor which can anchor a large space and create a warmer tone. American White oak shelves and Maple shelves can lighten up a room and open up a smaller space.

What is the cheapest wood for shelving? - Redwood pine is the cheapest softwood. We sell the unsorted (better) grade here which has less knots, splitting and bending which gets better interior results. European Beech is also a cheap hardwood.


What makes Timbersource a good choice for your wood shelving projects?

Can I just buy one piece of wood? - This is a common question and the answer simply is YES! Our customers shoud be able to buy just one shelf if that is what their project requires and we dont have a minimum order cost or quantity. A one off shelf can be delivered anywhere in the UK.

How do I buy wood to make shelves? - You can buy online using our 3 step process and cutting list tool. Put in the sizes you need, choose the wood type and pay securely

How can I get wood delivered? - We deliver anywhere in the UK using overnight couriers and pallet freight companies so you can order online and get a delivery in rapid time ready to start your project.