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British Western Red Cedar Timber Cut to Size 

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British Western Red Cedar is a pale, rustic timber suitable for a variety of cladding projects. Knottier than its Canadian counterpart, British Cedar is nonetheless a durable, stable, cost-effective alternative.

Order cut to size British Western Red Cedar smooth planed squared edge.

Location: Exterior

Best for: Cladding

Density: Low

Good for painting: No

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British Western Red Cedar


Cut to Size / Planed British Western Red Cedar Wood

The sapwood is narrow and white in colour and the heartwood is reddish-brown. When freshly felled, the heartwood often displays a marked variation in colour; that from the centre of the log may be dark chocolate-brown changing to salmon pink nearer the sapwood, or the wood may be variegated with alternate dark and light zones.

After drying, the wood assumes a uniform reddish-brown tone, but after long exposure to the weather the colour is lost, and the wood becomes silver-grey. The weathered appearance is sometimes purposely sought by architects, but a further peculiarity is its ability to take and hold stain of the finest without discolouration.

Ordering British Western Red Cedar Timber

Ordering British Western Red Cedar timber from Timbersource is a perfect choice for anybody requiring a wood that is cost effective and suitable for cladding. It is non-resinous, straight-grained and has a coarse texture. British Cedar is light weight and contains frequent small knots which can cause tearing in planning and moulding. 

Frequently Asked Questions about British Western Red Cedar Timber

What can this timber be used for?

British Western Red Cedar is used for cladding only.

How strong and durable is this timber?

British Western Red Cedar is non-resinous, straight-grained, somewhat coarse - textured and exhibits a prominent growth-ring figure. British Western Red Cedar is soft, brittle, aromatic when wet and light in weight approximately 390 kg/m3 when dried. 

British Western Red Cedar is moderately durable. British Western Red Cedar is light in weight and soft timber contributes to low strength properties and compared with European Redwood it is some 20% to 30% inferior in bending strength and 15 less stiff. It is also less resistant to splitting and indentation on side grain than Redwood. 

What are its physical properties?

Timber grown in Britain contains frequent small knots which can cause tearing in plaining and moulding. Furthermore, the wide bands of soft springwood can be difficult to work with hand tools.

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