Solid European oak window boards

Explore our range of solid European oak hardwood window boards as planed square edged timber with a roundover to the front edge perfect for your window renovation project. You can use these jointed laminated oak boards for the internal window sill or shelf under windows and they can be used for window boards and shelves or any interior panelling. Oak is a timeless hardwood which provides a traditional classic appeal for any interior. It is also a very stable timber and reliably durable. European oak is very durable and can be used in areas where you get more moisture like around doors and windows.

What is a window board?

A window board is the internal shelf or sill, flat piece of wood that sits in front of the window and usually fits over the bricks below the window. Wide oak boards are difficult to find and can curl a bit when they are thin so for stability these can be made from a few pieces joined together.

What is a roundover?

A roundover is the term used to describe a machined curve to the top and bottom edges along one side of a board which give it a rounded finish. This takes off the sharpe edge and makes a neat soft edge to where your feet may come in to contact.

Why is European Oak good for windows?

European Oak is very durable and tough because it grows slowly in a cold and wet climate making it very resiliant in damp conditions. With oak being durable in moisture it makes it perfect for windows and doors. Oak has been used for centuries as window boards and many of the oak window boards used on listed buildings have not needed to be renewed.

Can you oil european oak?

European oak stains or oils very well and a good quality oil will preserve and protect oak for many years. Oil can also help to give oak a surface sheen to make cleaning and maintenance a lot easier. Wood finishes such as Danish oil, Osmo oil, Odies oil, Rustins oil, furniture wax, bees wax and finishing wax amongst many others work very well with Oak.

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