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American Poplar / Tulipwood Timber Cut to Size

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American Poplar / Tulipwood is known for being a very light, cost-effective hardwood, making it ideal for cabinetry and cupboards. It has a subtle texture and mellow cream to light green colouring which is often picked out with purple and black, but is also very easy to paint. Order cut to size American Poplar/Tulipwood smooth planed squared edge.

Location: Interior | Best for: Shelving, Mouldings, Kitchens, Internal Cladding | Density: Low | Good for painting: Yes | Alternatives: Beech, Ash, Sapele, Redwood Pine 


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Cut to Size / Poplar / Tulipwood Timber 

The sapwood is white, and in second-growth trees, very wide; the heartwood is variable in colour, ranging from olive green to yellow or brown, and may be streaked with steel-blue and/or purple. The annual growth terminates in a white band of parenchyma giving a subdued figure to longitudinal surfaces. The wood is straight-grained, fine textured, fairly soft and light in weight about 510 kg/m³ when dried.

Ordering Poplar / Tulipwood Timber 

Poplar is an extremely versatile wood which is very easy to work and turn, and is great for nailing, screwing and gluing. It also handles paint, stains and enamels without issue, and dries quickly and easily. There is a high risk of irregular grain within American Poplar and so there is an increased risk of movement.

Frequently Asked Questions about Poplar / Tulipwood Planed Timber

What is poplar wood used for?

American Poplar / Tulipwood is used for Joinery - Interior, Furniture, Light Construction, Kitchen Cabinets, Doors, Paneling, Mouldings, Edge-glued Panels, Plywood, Turning and Carving and many more. 

How strong and durable is poplar wood?

American Poplar / Tulipwood is similar to Idigbo in general strength properties. It is slightly durable and non-resistant to decay. The heartwood is moderately resistant to preservative treatment and the sapwood is permeable.

What are its physical properties?

American Poplar / Tulipwood is easy to work with and finishes to a fine, smooth surface. It takes nails without tending to split, glues well and can be stained, polished or painted. 

American Poplar / Tulipwood is in low bending, shock resistance, stiffness and compression properties. It is medium in steam bending.

What wood is best for interior painted woodwork?

Poplar is brilliant for painted internal woodwork. It has a very fine grain which allows for a smooth surface when painted and doesnt bring up the grain when wet. It is also very lightweight but strong.

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American Poplar Tulipwood Tips

Sapwood is white heartwood is green. Very sappy tree so mainly white

Very lightweight can dent easily due to low density

Brilliant for painting

Narrow/thin pieces can bend over long lengths due to tension release

Typical lengths at Timbersource 3.05m, 3.7m and 4.9m

Typical Thicknesses at Timbersource (mm) 27, 32, 38, 51, 65, 76, 100

Please note, our planing tolerance is 6mm in the thickness

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