American Poplar / Tulipwood Timber

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What is American Poplar / Tulipwood Timber?

American Poplar / Tulipwood thicknesses: 25mm, 32mm, 38mm, 51mm, 76mm, 100mm and sizes are generally random 125mm - 300mm with lengths mainly 2.1m - 4.8m. 

American Poplar / Tulipwood is used for Joinery - Interior, Furniture, Light Construction, Kitchen Cabinets, Doors, Paneling, Mouldings, Edge-glued Panels, Plywood, Turning and Carving and many more. 



The Timber

The sapwood is white, and in second-growth trees, very wide; the heartwood is variable in colour, ranging from olive green to yellow or brown, and may be streaked with steel-blue. The annual growth terminates in a white band of parenchyma giving a subdued figure to longitudinal surfaces. The wood is straight-grained, fine textured, fairly soft and light in weight about 510 kg/m³ when dried. 


Strength and Durability

American Poplar / Tulipwood is similar to Idigbo in general strength properties. It is slightly durable and non-resistant to decay. The heartwood is moderately resistant to preservatitve treatment and the sapwood is permeable.


Physical Properties

American Poplar / Tulipwood is easy to work with and finishes to a fine, smooth surface. It takes nails without tending to split, glues well and can be stained, polished or painted. 

American Poplar / Tulipwood is in low bending, shock resistance, stiffness and compression properties. It is medium in steam bending. 


Timbersource are a leading online timber merchant in the UK, supplying American Poplar / Tulipwood timber to the joinery, carpentry, construction and building trade at competitive prices. To Contact Us click HERE



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