Solid Wood Timber Skirting

Skirting boards provide both a functional and decorative function by covering the join between the wall and floor. These timber skirting panels also ensure walls stay protected from any scrapes and scuffs made by activities such as moving furniture.

At Timbersource, we not only supply customers with high-quality timber but we also manufacture a wide range of real wood skirting, made from various species of softwood and hardwood timber. Our skirting is made from the highest quality timber to ensure lasting quality that will stand the test of time and keep walls protected.

We also offer cut-to-size timber, allowing our customers to order timber skirting to their exact specification to reduce waste and speed up projects.

Our Timber Skirting Species

We currently offer our solid wood skirting in the following timber species. Whether you need extra-long skirting for larger rooms or extra-wide skirting for more protection from furniture or little ones, Timbersource are on hand to create the right product for your needs. For more information on our timber skirting, get in touch with our team today to see how we can help you.

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