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What is Dark Red Meranti Timber?

Malaysian Dark Red Meranti Timber varies in colour from pale pink / white to dark red / purple. The density can also vary substantially as there are numerous sub-species. It is generally easy to machine, and imported grade is mainly selects & better.

Dark Red Meranti is used for: cladding, joinery interior and exterior, flooring, furniture, cabinet work, general construction, boatbuilding and much more. Thicknesses 26mm, 32mm, 38mm, 51mm, 63mm and 76mm. Widths 4" - 12", mainly 6" - 8", lengths 7' - 18' average approx. 12'. 


The Timber 

The sapwood is lighter in colour and distinct from the heartwood which is red-brown darkening to a dark red; planed surfaces fairly lustrous, stripe figure on radial surfaces. Grey-coloured narrow streaks are often present on all longitudinal surfaces, caused by concentric layers of resin canals. The texture is rather coarse but even, and the grain is interlocked and wavy. The wood weighs on average, 710 kg/m³ when dried.


Strength and Durability 

The average figure for strength and stiffness in bending and compression for Dark Red Meranti is about 20 per cent higher than that for Light Red Meranti; in shear there is about 10 per cent difference, and in hardness, over 30 per cent. 

Dark Red Meranti is slightly durable (can vary in durability). The heartwood is moderately durable. In general, Meranti is naturally resistant to decay and insects. The sapwood is liable to attack by powder-post beetle and is not resistant to marine borers which is generally rated as resistant to preservative treatments. The sapwood is reported to be moderately resistant to permeable, varying with species.


Physical Properties 

he timber of the various species works well and in general are capable of a good smooth surface, but a reduction of cutting angle to 20° is beneficial where a tendency for the grain to tear becomes apparent. The dulling effect on saws and cutters varies somewhat with the species but is usually quite small. It is moderately slow drying with a tendency to warp, thick material may check and end split. The various species can be glued, nailed and screwed satisfactorily, and can be stained and polished quite well after suitable filling.

Dark Red Meranti has an average overall strength and hardness. It is stable.


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