England Crash Out to Germany in Forestland Euros Showdown

With the Euros right around the corner Timbersource took a look at the forestland of the nations within the tournament to see who would finish ‘top of the tree’ and unfortunately for England, whilst they do get out of the group, they crash out to Germany within the round of 16!
Euro2024 draw.png

First place: Spain 

Second place: France

Third place: Turkey


To work out who would win the tournament, Timbersource gathered data from Worldometre and the individual statistics hubs of each nation and created a table showing the different groups and their respective forest sizes. From this Timbersource analysed the potential draws mapping out the winners, runners-up, and ‘best third-place teams’ to map out the above bracket. 

This year's ‘group of death’ was group D with big hitters including France, Austria, and Poland. France, whilst being the second biggest team in terms of forest size, only managed to get third place given the nature of the draw. 

The bracket and routes to the final were drawn from the official Uefa Euros bracket, we then cross-referenced this with the forestland data to find the eventual winner in Spain. 


Which country in the world has the most forestland? 

Spain tops the table with over 18 million hectares of forestland, and this strength helped them to win the tournament but there was one big country missing. 

Whilst Russia tops the list with over 800 million hectares but due to the current situation in the Ukraine they have been banned from participation. 

Over the course of the tournament, Timbersource will update the bracket to see how truly the actual Euros matches the Forestland Euros, hopefully, England get further than the round of 16! 


Forestry brings many benefits

Forests are often taken for granted, but these leafy giants silently provide a wealth of benefits to our planet and our lives. Here at Timbersource, we take pride in selling one of the most sustainable materials available. From the air we breathe to the wood in our homes, forestry offers a powerful combination of economic, environmental, and social advantages. 


Some forestry benefits include:

  • Helping to mitigate climate change. Forests remove a significant amount of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and help to release oxygen into the air.

  • Forests give us resources to make timber that can be used in construction and furniture, musical instruments, and more. Timber can also be used for sporting equipment, which may be used in the Olympics! 


Timbersource also recently described a useful CO2 cycle explaining how an increase in timber demand leads to higher timber value. A slight increase in timber price does confirm timber is in demand and helps keep the industry thriving from timber merchants to the management of forests. If you are looking for specific products like timber battens or our cut-to-size service then please get in touch. 

The full dataset used within the research can be found here