What is PAR wood?

Planed All Round otherwise known as PAR or PSE (Planed Square Edge) Is machined so that the four surfaces and edges will be planed to a smooth surface and uniform thickness. If planed is preferable for you, simply ‘request’ it as part of your timber order, and the sizes after planing.

Why do you need to plane timber?

  • Sawn timber from sawmills is rarely perfectly straight - PAR will make it straight
  • The sawmills only plank timber roughly from the tree and remove the waney edge - PAR will make it parallel
  • Square edged parallel timber is essential for jointing together on the sides or corners to avoid gaps or irregular angles
  • Taking off the rough surface will reveal any imperfections, splits, character, knots, holes - PAR will highlight any of these
  • Planing the rough surface makes the timber smooth and ready for sanding
  • You can't paint or stain rough sawn timber effectively
  • Planing makes timber suitable for shelving, homemade furniture and flooring as well as a vast range of other products

Do I have to buy the full piece of wood?

At most timber merchants you have to buy the full board! At Timbersource we are proud to say you dont have to, and why should you! We have a firm belief that timber shouldnt be wasted and we have a strict no waste policy. Therefore we dont want you to buy more than you need and waste it. Big statement I know, but we have a short sections rack that we save the offcuts for customers that work with small pieces like furniture and toy makers etc. That is why we can sell you what you need for less!

So in short you only buy what you need!

How can I buy planed timber?

If you would like to buy your timber smooth, square edged and regular to a set size Timbersource has got you covered. Buying your timber planed all round (PAR) is easy and can be done in a few simple steps.

  1. Enter the timber type

  2. Input the finished sizes you want - Thickness and width in millimetres and length in metres

  3. Select PAR (planed all round) in the 'choose option' section below the timber type

  4. Choose yes or no for cut to length - This means cut exact or supplied with a little over length

  5. Enter a delivery postcode to calculate the price

  6. Choose the date for delivery

  7. Pay securely

Why should I get Timbersource to plane my timber?

  • We are running 1000s of peices through each day with high performance machines which makes us very competitive on price
  • Leaving it to us allows you to weigh up if your time is better spent on more important jobs
  • Having Timbersource plane for you will mean you can progress with other jobs while we set your next job up
  • If Timbersource finds a defect in the timber or makes a mistake we replace from our stocks whereas you would need to buy another piece!
  • We can keep an eye on unwanted bending from tension release in the material.

PAR timber can be ordered and delivered to you next day, standard 3-5 working days or simply come and collect it on the same day you ordered, whatever type of timber you choose, we can expertly machine it before dispatch. By using a surface planer, we’ll remove excess wood, so you are left with timber with a uniform, smooth surface on all four sides.

The common grades for planed timber are: 

  • PAR - Planed all round (along both the edges and sides). 
  • PBS - Planed along both faces.
  • PSE - Planed on a single edge. 
  • Rough Sawn - Unplaned, raw cut timber. 

What types of wood can I buy planed all round?


The following timbers are available from Timbersource as a PAR (planed all round) option:

Planed Hardwood

Planed European OakPlaned American White Oak, Planed American Ash, Planed Maple, Planed American Cherry, Planed European Beech, Planed Poplar/Tulipwood, Planed American Walnut, Planed West African Iroko, Planed West African Sapele, Planed West African Wenge, Planed African Idigbo, Planed Meranti, Planed Keruing, Planed Plantation Teak.

Planed Softwood

Planed Canadian Cedar, Planed Redwood Pine, Planed Southern Yellow Pine, Planed North American Douglas Fir, Planed European Douglas Fir, Planed British Cedar, Planed Western Red Cedar, Planed Siberian Larch, Planed British Larch.


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