What you need to know about Sapele timber

Hardwood timbers have a variety of different uses and can be a good building material for a variety of different projects. Within the hardwood sub-category, there are also various different specific species of timber that all have their own unique characteristics that make them good for different uses. 

This month Timbersource takes a look at West African Sapele Timber and everything you need to know about this hardwood for your next project. 

West African Sapele Sample.png

Sapele Timber has an attractive colour 


Aesthetics are important when it comes to picking the right Timber regardless of whether you are working on a client project or a personal endeavour. Sapele Timber is from Western Africa and is typically a reddish-brown colour. 


The grain is fairly close textured which tends to mean the grain is interlocked. It is also worth noting that this timber has a distinct cedar-like scent when cut. 

Sapele is a moderately durable timber


One of the other things to note about Sapele is that the timber is fairly resistant to weathering both from the sap to the heartwood. This timber can be affected by tiny Ambrosia battles when the logs are fresh-felled and lying on the forest floor in humid climates.

All in all, the timber is robust and with the correct treatment is good for a variety of projects. This is why it is popular both amongst carpenters and people looking for home project materials. 

What is Sapele timber good for?


Getting the right timber type for your project is essential. Sapele timber is strong which makes it good for flooring, cabinetwork, decorative veneers much more. The wood is reddish-brown which makes it a good option if you want timber that is really going to stand out in the home. 

The wide variety of projects that it can be used for makes it one of the most popular hardwoods offered by Timbersource. We are proud to source it from a sustainable source that gives you the best possible timber for your projects. 

If you are interested in finding out more about Sapele timber and the other great products that we offer then feel free to get in touch with a member of our team.