For many years, timber has played an important role in the construction industry as a regularly used natural resource.

Stage One:

At the initial stage of preparing timber for commercial use, the tree will be felled. This process usually takes place in winter as the drop in temperature means the wood has a lower moisture content.

A forestry worker will determine when and which trees should be cut down, depending on if they have reached their ‘mature’ stage for felling. Trees can range from 40 to 150 years old before they stop growing and are ready to be cut down. The felled trees will then be replaced with saplings.

Stage Two:

Following their felling, the logs will be stored in a clearing before being taken to the sawmill on vehicles with lifting gear.  

Stage Three:

Upon their arrival to the sawmill, the logs will be cut into boards using circular saws and band saws. The initial process involves rough sawing which is followed by re-sawing. The ends of each log are trimmed to ensure they are straight and cut into boards then large circular saws are used to further-process the boards, removing the curved edges. Each processed piece of wood now looks like a board. It is important to season the timber before it is used in construction, during this process, excess moisture is removed from the timber. The timber is then transported to our timber yard right here in Somerset.

Stage Four:

Prepare for customers. 

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