Winter is approaching very fast and the cold is slowly creeping through. Luckily for us it’s quite easy to protect ourselves. Out comes the winter wardrobe; put on a woolly hat and scarf and you are good to go! It is less easy however, to protect your timber projects against the long winter ahead.

What can affect your timber projects? 

Typically, throughout colder months, we keep ourselves warm by keeping the windows closed and turning the heating up. Timbers like Oak wood are a natural material that absorbs moisture from the air, moisture levels in the air can impact on your timbers size, shape and quality. As humidity of the air increases, the moisture content will increase which will cause the wood to expand. However, in winter the humidity is slightly lower which creates a dryer atmosphere which can cause your timber to shrink and when replaced with artificial heating you are removing the possibility for moisture to move freely, this can cause your timber to warp.


How to avoid / stop this from happening: 

Humidifiers measure relative humidity, so that you can easily monitor humidity levels in your home. This can also ensure that the moisture content stays at a healthy temperature which will decrease the possibility of the timber warping and cracking.

Coatings and finishes will also help slow down moisture movement. Currently we are in the process of uplifting protection treatments onto our website, these are currently available over the phone, please call the office in the meantime. 


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