Timber is a very versatile material that has many advantages in construction. There are numerous species available to choose from, each with different structural properties, durability and uses.

When it comes to developing your new home, renovating your current home or even considering building an addition to your home there are many options to choose from when it comes to framing. But have you ever considered timber as your chosen material? Or questioned why you should?

  • Sustainability – custom timber frames are recyclable and sustainable. Sustainable wood provides a natural and eco friendly solution to many of the material resource problems we face today. Sustainable timber produced from well-managed sources is considered to be one of the planet’s most valuable resource.
  • Insulation – timber frames allow more space for natural insulation than a brick building, making it less expensive to maintain a comfortable, energy-efficient interior environment.
  • Quality and Durability – timber can withstand a great deal of unpredictable weather conditions and impacts. When properly maintained, timber can last up to 40 years.
  • No limits on design and size – here at Timbersource we can cut / plane your timber frames in any species and size you desire, your timber frames will suit your exact specification. Take a look at our other timber products and services


Species that specify in structural use:

European Redwood: the heartwood is pale yellow-brown to reddish-brown in colour and works easily and well with hand and machined tools. The timber can be glued, stained, varnished and painted whilst taking nails and screws well.

Common uses: decking, exterior furniture, joists and structural framing.

Southern Yellow Pine: the heartwood varies from creamy-white to light straw-brown in colour and works very easily. The timber takes glue, stains, polish, varnish and paint well whilst also taking nails and screws well.

Common uses: heavy structural use, joinery interior and exterior and baskets.

European Oak / Oak Beams: the heartwood is yellow-brown in colour and has high strength properties, medium bending and low shock resistance.

Common uses: heavy structural use, cladding, interior and exterior joinery, furniture, flooring and decking.

How is timber strength graded?

For timber to be used in structural use, it must be strength graded to ensure it is strong enough for the maximum expected load. It is graded in accordance with BS EN 14081.

Strength grading can be carried out by visual inspection according to strict defined rules, or by a grading machine. At Timbersource we strength grade Oak beams to TH1, TH2, THA, THB – equal to D30. For more information on our strength grading, get in touch with a member of the team

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