Is Siberian Larch a strong enough wood for your projects?


When you are working out the right timber for your projects, you need to consider some of the properties that the wood has and how it impacts the structure of what you are building or putting together. It is important to put in the prep work before purchase to ensure you do not end up with the wrong timber.siberian-larch-600x450.jpg


The great thing about picking timber as the material for your projects, is the versatile nature of different woods and the added benefits you get with different hard and softwoods. Timbersource is proud to stock a variety of different woods from different species to give you the ultimate choice when it comes to selecting the right timber for your needs.


Here we take a look at Larch and ask the question of whether it is strong enough for your projects and explore some of the different properties that make Siberian Larch such a popular choice amongst tradesmen and hobbyists alike.


Siberian Larch is a softwood with good strength properties

 Siberian Larch is a softwood that becomes pale reddish brown in colour. In terms of strength properties, Siberian Larch measures up well to other timbers and is approximately 50 per cent harder than Scots pine/red Deal.

Siberian Larch is also strong in terms of bending and toughness which makes it suitable for a variety of external projects.


Larch is strong enough for many projects

 Taking a top-line view of Siberian Larch, it could likely be a strong enough timber for your projects, provided it matches your requirements in terms of the timber’s properties. It is always worth checking with the experts at Timbersource to determine if the timber is suitable for your needs.

Siberian Larch saws machines and finishes well but loosened knots may need attention during your construction, this is worth considering when you are selecting the Timber for your next projects.


Order quality timber from Timbersource

 Timbersource are proud to stock a wide range of timber thicknesses in different species that are applicable to a wide variety of projects, including Siberian Larch. If you want to find out more on our timbers, our timber browser helps you find out which timber you need for your next project.