Timber cladding, also referred to as weatherboards or weatherboarding, can add extra dimension to a building. Different timbers can be utilised for cladding products which can be either treated or untreated.

Popular types of timber cladding

American Western Red Cedar from Canada / North America is very popular because of its natural durability, colour and smell. Western Red Cedar is lightweight, durable and long-lasting, particularly when properly treated.

Siberian Larch timber is also popular because it is cost-effective, slightly durable and saws, machines and finishes well. Siberian Larch has good overall strength, has low shock resistance and is stable.

Problems to look out for

Ø  Inconsistent weathering – when the timber is exposed outdoors without a protective coating (treatment) the surface experiences rapid changes to both its appearance and texture. For example, uneven patches on your timber and changing colour.

Ø  Mould – caused by contact with moisture, insects and fungus.

Ø  Changes in size and shape – timber moves as its moisture content changes unevenly. When one part of a timber board dries faster than another, for example, the drier part shrinks faster and causes stress that changes the shape of the timber.



Maintenance solutions

1.     Get the timing right – to avoid warping and curling, clad your building between October and April to stop one surface from drying faster than the rest.

2.     Find an expert installer.

3.     Use a pressure washer to get rid of the mould.

4.     Treat your cladding – treated timber can last longer and can retain the colour of the timber and protect it against water and UV rays.  


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