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It is a privilege for Timbersource to work regularly with Hercules Propellers who transform rough-sawn European Beech into incredible propellers that are getting aircraft airborne all over the world.

Hercules Propellers was founded by owner Rupert Wasey in 2008. In the years since Rupert crafted the company’s very first propeller, things have gone from strength to strength with hundreds of different propellers having been born in the factory, and more being sent in to be refurbished and restored to perfect condition.

Timbersource supplies European Beech to Hercules which leaves the warehouse and starts its aircraft life as rough sawn timber. The boards are then chosen individually for each propeller by size. They’re then cut to exact lengths, widths and thicknesses depending on the requirement. Once the boards are cut to size, they’re sorted according to grain direction and stacked in order. Glue is spread evenly on both sides of each bonded boards and are then put together.  

The CNC machine then uses the 3D computer models to cut the propeller. Firstly, a slot is cut for the leading edge and then various holes are drilled in the centre. An initial rough cut of the blade is made, but the mesmerising part of the process where the propeller miraculously appears out of the wood and finally the finishing cut, that takes the propeller down to its final shape.

Once the propeller is ready for finishing, it is varnished (and sometimes painted) to the specifications of the customer. Hercules use a tough lacquer to protect clear propellers. The lacquer gives the propellers a hard wearing and high gloss ‘shell’ with excellent UV resistance. The shell also allows flexibility to the natural movement of the wood without any cracking. 

Why should you choose European Beech?

European Beech is a timber that has many uses, it is found throughout Europe. It is a white-coloured wood when freshly cut, however it has the tendency to be pale brown with pinkish or dark brown streaking. Beech is, in general, hard and dense, has a medium stiffness and has high strength. It will stain to match any other timber and polishes to a fine finish.

Advantages of European Beech:

-          Availability: The highest availability of temperate hardwood in the world is in Europe with nearly 57% of the forest cover being Beech. So, it can be easily sourced.

-          Affordability: Because of easy availability, European Beech is affordable and offers great value.

-          Machinability: European Beech, has superior machining properties. It is easy to work with in the following: shaping, planing, and drilling, it also holds nails and screws easily.

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Hercules Propellers - (www.hercprops.com).  

‘We believe wood is beautiful. Only the very finest, pure wood is used in our propellers and we like showing it off’ 


Rupert Wasey – Hercules Propellers:

“Arrived on time, great quality looking timber, that’s perfect for our bespoke propellers. Friendly and efficient company that have so much to offer. Excellent customer service from first enquiry to delivery – wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Timbersource.”

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