Hardwood and softwood timber sound simple, surely hardwoods are hard, and softwoods are soft, no? You may think it couldn’t be much simpler than that, but no; the clue is not necessarily in the name – some softwoods can be very sturdy. Different types of projects require different types of timber, both hardwoods and softwoods are used for everything from structural to decorative.

What are the differences?

The distinction between the two woods lies within their reproduction. Hardwood comes from a ‘deciduous’ tree which produces seeds with a form of covering and loses its leaves annually and softwood are ‘gymnosperms’, which let seeds fall to the ground as they have no covering. This suggests that the type of seed a tree produces decides whether the seed will grow into a softwood like pine timber or a hardwood like oak timber.


What can I use these types of wood for?

Hardwood and softwood can be used for all kinds of projects, it just depends on what your project is. Hardwoods are employed in a large range of applications, from construction to furniture, cladding and much more. Softwoods however can also be used in construction right through to high class joinery, cladding and decking – ideally it depends on your preference, budget and lifespan of the timber.

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Now that you know the differences between softwood and hardwood timber, we hope that you are feeling more confident in your timber project. Get in touch if you require further advice, we will be more than happy to help. 

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