Everything you need to know about American Cherry Timber

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When you are on the hunt for high-quality timber it can be easy to get overwhelmed by the large number of species out there. Different woods work well for different projects ranging from furniture to cladding and even decking. 

Timbersource stocks a large amount of both hard and softwoods which makes us a large supplier in the UK market that can cater to a variety of different projects.  

This month, we take a look at American Cherry Timber and go over everything you need to know about this robust hardwood including when to use it, the overall properties and whether or not it is easy to work with! 

1. American Cherry Timber is good for a variety of projects 

When you are selecting your timber you will want one that can work for a variety of different projects. American Cherry Timber is very versatile and can be used in many different scenarios including joinery, instruments, furniture, cabinets, high-class joinery and more. 

2. This timber is strong, with medium shock resistance 

American Cherry’s versatility is down in part to its strength and medium shock resistance. The timber is very resistant to heartwood decay and whilst the sapwood is subject to attack from the common furniture beetle, with the correct treatment the effects can be negated. 

The strength of the timber makes it a good choice if you are looking for a wood that will stand the test of time whilst also providing an attractive aesthetic. 

3. American Cherry Timber is easy to work with 

Lastly, American Cherry Timber is very easy to work with which is another reason why it is so popular amongst tradespeople and hobbyists alike! 

American Cherry works well through machining and can take polish very well. The timber can also work well with nailing and glueing which makes it a good timber for those of all skill levels. American Cherry ranges from reddish-brown to a deep red colour which makes it very popular amongst those looking to achieve a certain look. 

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