Are you aware of timbers with notable character?


Are you aware of the different types of timbers with notable character? It’s a decision that many consumers will make when they are looking for a specific aesthetic for their project. If you are looking for timber with notable character, keep an eye out for woods that have knots, unusual growth patterns and variable colour. Examples of this can include European Oak, British Larch and British Douglas Fir. 



Meanwhile, timbers without this will be clear of knots, so will look aesthetically quite different, which may be better suited based on your project. The same can be said for Timber Battens. Examples can include American Oak, American Ash, and West African Sapele. The table above shows further examples of timbers that have notable characteristics, as well as timber that is widely known as being free of knots. 

How the tree was harvested can have an impact on character


It is worth noting that all species of hard and softwood can have character and it's not necessarily a given that you will guarantee avoiding character by selecting a certain type of species. It is all down to how that tree grew and was pruned in its early life before harvesting. The location the tree came from can have a big impact on this.


European vs American Oak


One example includes European vs American Oak. You may assume that the wood will have the same characteristics, however they do not. European Oak can have more knots and character, whereas American has a clearer finish. Using American Oak therefore may be a better choice for an interior project, where you want a neater aesthetic. As well as the character of the wood, it also has an impact on the timber's durability and appliance. European Oak is hardier and more durable for outdoors, making it better applied for outdoor projects, in comparison to American Oak which will last for years in a dry interior environment. The TDUK have further information about the properties of American and European Oak. 


The character of timber woods can be different from other woods, such as Canadian and British Cedar. British Cedar timber can have more character with knots and grain, unlike Canadian timber which is cleaner, similar to American Oak.

How else can I choose a cleaner grade of timber?


Another way to avoid character in your wood is by selecting higher grades like prime grade which will be selected from the heartwood of the tree. 


If you are looking for timber with character or a cleaner look, get in touch with the team who will be happy to help.