Why is Timbersource different to your typical Timber merchant?


We are customer-focused and project-driven, which simply means that when we engage with our customers on what they are looking for we ask key questions and listen to their requirements. Most of us have bought from Timber merchants or walked into DIY stores in the past and found that with so much variety of timber on offer it can be difficult to find what you are looking for. We believe when a customer knows exactly what they need they should feel in control of how efficiently they can get this spec and for the right price. When customers know what end result they are looking for, they need to feel supported in arriving at a decision confidently. We aim to make this whole process a lot simpler and more enjoyable whichever way you like to buy wood.


Helpful and enthusiastic team


We share the passion and energy our customers have for their projects and the timber that makes them happen. We enjoy helping our customers, sharing knowledge discussing designs and learning new things about the timber we sell. The size of the timber project doesn’t determine the scale of our commitment to getting your enquiry to the next stage. Our experts have a wealth of knowledge in all things timber and our customers have taught us a huge amount over the 21 years of trading and 40+ years in the industry.


Smart Sourcing and inventory management


All of our timber is smart sourced from various international sawmills by our inventory management team and we have an industry leading QR coding system that enables us to ID tag each board in our yard. It is booked in, tallied and input into the database so we have a record of species, origin, size and most importantly what it costs. Once the boards are tagged our team has visibility on stock levels, so each and every piece can be scanned for the customer to give them an accurate price.


No dilly-dallying


We understand the importance of speed for your projects. Our teams are trained to think like a customer and help you tick off jobs on your to-do lists so that you can get answers for your projects or customers. Our sales team can produce quotes often within the hour and ball-park costs over the phone so you can benchmark a timber species and a grading straight away.


Bespoke Machining 


We could give you the specs of all our machines but instead we prefer to say, if you need it machining to turn it from sawn to a product, we have the expertise and the equipment to make it happen and in rapid time. We have developed efficient processes to fulfil orders in a matter of days and even next day on stock items.


Any size order


There’s no minimum order quantity at Timbersource. We won’t treat you differently for ordering one piece. In fact, we like to split packs with customers and find the perfect board for their project or order a pack for them based on profiling their requirements.


Nationwide delivery


Whether you’re based at the far edges of the UK or on our doorstep we have you covered with our own vehicles and reliable transport network. No need to book in advance to anticipate long lead-times. We can ship in a matter of days and express an order next day if the job is urgent. Our friendly dispatch team will contact you to let you know when you can expect your parcel.


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