Timber Moulding and Timber Profiling

Timber Moulding – sometimes referred to as timber profiling – is the name given to strips of material possessing various profiles which are used to cover transitions between surfaces. This protects the gap from a build-up of dirt and other contaminants, while also producing a more finished appearance. Moulding is traditionally made from either solid milled wood or moulded strips. These are then shaped with contours for decorative purposes.

There are a large variety of existing profiles which Timbersource can use for your timber moulding, such as:

• Cavetto: A distinctly concave profile which approximates a quarter of a circle.

• Ovolo: In many ways the opposite of cavetto, the ovolo profile projects outwards in a quarter circle shape.

• Cyma: A profile of double curvature, cyma mouldings are convex at the top and concave at the bottom.

• Bead: A narrow, half-round convex moulding.

• Chamfer: A bevelled edge used to connect two adjacent surfaces.

• Torus: A convex, semi-circular moulding.

In addition to these popular profiles, we are able to accommodate orders for moulding in a huge range of styles. We are also able to make bespoke timber moulding to your exact specifications, or replicate the appearance of existing timber moulding. Each order is crafted by our skilled team of machinists in Timbersource’s private machine shop,

and will be delivered as quickly as possible.

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