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Timber skirting boards, often referred to skirting, are the thin lengths of timber which run along the bottom of your wall, creating a border between floor and wall which covers the gap between the two. Timber skirting is often confused with architrave, which is the moulded trim which surrounds doors but the two are entirely separate. Timber skirting is available in a variety of profiles to suit numerous design styles and serves to protect the wall from scuffs, kicks, and knocks.

Timbersource supply timber skirting products online which are precision made in-house by our team of highly skilled and experienced craftsmen and planer-moulders. The timber which we use is of the highest quality and is provided with an extremely fine finish. Every order is machined to your exact specifications, making Timbersource an excellent choice for those who are attempting to either match or replicate their existing skirting.

Timber skirting profiles available

We can easily fill orders which require timber skirting in standard profiles, including the following:

Green Tick.png Ogee Green Tick.png Square and Round Edge
Green Tick.png Chamfered Green Tick.png Victoriana
Green Tick.png Torus Green Tick.png New England
Green Tick.png Scotia Green Tick.png Lamb’s Tongue


If you wish to order skirting in a standard profile then we will machine short runs and keep all charges to a minimum. Of course, even bespoke jobs will be completed and delivered as quickly as possible. Timbersource can supply skirting in a range of types of timber, and can cut it as required to suit your requirements. You can click & collect from our yard or we will deliver to most parts of the country.

For more information on our bespoke Timber Skirting services, see our timber skirting services page. Find out more about our delivery options by clicking here.

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Next Working Day, Same Working Day, Click & Collect available.


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