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When you call a member of our team will ask you questions about your project and listen to all your requirments before making a few suggestions on what timber works best and then provide a few guide prices. This can really help to make sure you dont make any mistakes on what timber to use and see how we can make it work for your budget. There is no project size too small or too big for our team.

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When you email our team make sure you include as much info on the sizes and quantity that you can and also tell us what the project is. This can really help determne the best timber choice and what ways we can make things more economical.

Why is Sapele good for outdoor painted timber?

Sapele has a fine grain texture and is consistently clear of knots making it ideal for painting. Its natural but mild oils also make it externally rated.

Why is Meranti good for use outdoors?

Meranti is one of the only timbers that can come into contact with soil and not be prone to rotting or staining. This makes it ideal for planters. Meranti is also great for painting as it has fine grain texture. It is lightweight as well making it a good choice for front doors and window frames.