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Please contact us via the contact form below or email [email protected]

Timbersource also welcomes enquiries for timber requirements by customers in the wider world.

We have been handling, manufacturing and exporting a range of orders since 2010, with great success, according to customers. We give a great deal of attention to the details, for example –

We may ask particular questions, especially ‘what actually is the timber to be used for?’ By knowing the end-purpose, we have often been able to suggest some more economic or effective ways to satisfy the need, and giving a higher quality than the initial enquiry might have indicated.

We have been supplying small quantities through to very large quantities in a whole host of timber species, such as -

Solid hardwoods,example: European Oak, Greenheart, Ekki, Beech, Walnut, Cherry, Maple, Ash etc

and softwoods including: Douglas Fir, Western’red’ Cedar, Siberian Larch, Swedish Pine etc

Our manufacturing capability includes the ability to - parallel-re saw up to 10 metre lengths, to plane boards up to 600mm wide, to plane & mould profiles on timbers up to 100mm x 225mm section, to 120 grit sanding of boards up to 590mm wide and to edge-bond boards up to 1500mm wide and up to 5 metres long (in continuous length lams, if the species chosen allows such length)

We also have equipment for end-grain (metal) plating of timber sections, and can drill, shape to suit a very wide range of customer’s design diagrams, used in various industries.

So, whether your project requires simple smooth-planing, and/or needs to be parallel in length, needs any amount of special profiles please let Timbersource quote for your needs.

Having carried out the manufacturing, we can also have timbers flame-proof treated (usually needed for interior of public buildings) and/or colour-stained and sealed, to expedite site-working.

For floorings and joinery we can also provide cross-grain pellets (to cover the counter-sunk screws) in many species. Also timber ‘biscuits’ if that is your chosen method of edge-jointing on site for such as flooring. ‘End-grain’ products such as flooring blocks or ‘chopping’ boards made-to-order.

We despatch mainly by sea-shipment either container loads CIF to your nearest commercial port, or smaller quantities on a groupage basis delivered to pre-defined destination. Please note: all taxes, or local charges etc are payable by the customer on arrival at their country’s border.

We welcome your enquiries to [email protected] which will be dealt with promptly

But please do advise us at the outset, the purpose, and any stresses to which the timber will be put after delivery, Thank you. We look forward to being of service.
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