West African Iroko Timber

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What is West African Iroko Timber?

West African Iroko Timber is imported at FAS grade, mainly kiln dried. It is yellow when freshly machined which quickly changes to medium, then darker brown). Iroko timber is commonly used as an inexpensive alternative to Teak - they are very similar in density, grain structure and colour after ageing.

Iroko hardwood is used for joinery exterior and interior, cladding, decking, boat building, piling, marine work, domestic flooring, furniture, cabinet work and much more. The thicknesses for Iroko: 26mm, 32mm, 38mm, 51mm, 63mm, 76mm & 100mm. Widths mainly 130mm, average about 200mm. Lengths; generally, 2m - 4.8m. 


The Timber 

When freshly cut, or when unexposed to light, the heartwood is a distinct yellow colour, but on exposure to light it quickly becomes golden-brown. The sapwood is narrow, being about 50mm to 75mm wide, and clearly defined. The grain is usually interlocked, and the texture is rather coarse but even, and the wood weighs on average 660 kg/m³ when dried. Large, hard deposits of calcium carbonate called 'stone' deposits, are sometimes present in cavities, probably as a result of injury to the tree. They are often enclosed by the wood and not visible until the time of sawing, though the wood around them may be darker in colour, thus giving an indication of their presence.


Strength and Durability 

Iroko has excellent strength properties, comparing well with teak, though weaker in bending and in compression along the grain.

Iroko timber is durable. The heartwood is very durable and is reported to be naturally resistant to decay. The heartwood is susceptible to attack by dry-wood insects. The sapwood is susceptible to attack by powder-post beetle and the sapwood has been reported to be highly resistant to termite attack in Africa.


Physical Properties 

Iroko works fairly well with most tools, though with some dulling effect on their cutting edges, especially when calcareous deposits are prevalent. On quarter-sawn stock, there is a tendency for grain to pick up due to interlocked grain, and a reduction of cutting angle to 15° is usually necessary to obtain a smooth surface. An excellent finish can be obtained if the grain is filled. It takes nails and screws well and can be glued satisfactorily.

Iroko is medium in hardness, weight, bending and crushing strength. Iroko is very low in stiffness and shock resistance, it is moderate in steam bending and has good stability. 


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