In addition to our hardwood timber, Timbersource also stocks a range of different mouldings and skirting, so we have put together a guide on these to help you learn more about each type we offer. We have a description of which product you would need for each purpose and the different designs available to choose from.


Timber skirting boards run along the bottom of a wall, acting as a border between the floor and wall to help protect the wall from kicks and scuffs. We can provide skirting boards for you in most standard profiles, including Ogee, Chamfered, Torus, Scotia, Square and Round Edge, Victoriana, New England, and Lamb’s Tongue, all in a range of different heights to perfectly suit your requirements. You can order these online quickly and easily. Alternatively if you are attempting to match existing skirting we can also fulfil bespoke orders, as every order is machined to your exact specifications by our team of in-house highly skilled and experienced craftsmen and planer-moulders.


The term architrave refers to the mouldings which frame the edges of a door or window. These moulded frames are usually made from fairly plain timber designs, but they can also be made more detailed to create a bespoke frame for your doorway or other space, to make a design which adds to your décor. At Timbersource we offer standard Architrave profiles such as Bullnose, Chamfered, Ogee and Torus, and we can also create made to measure timber to your exact specifications and even replicate a specific profile that you are looking to match or replace.


Timber mouldings are most often found at the top of a wall, marking the border between the wall and ceiling. Moulded profiles are traditionally found in period properties, but are becoming increasingly popular in modern interior design as a way to add character to a room. Our mouldings are typically made from either solid milled timber or - where more decorative pieces are required - from moulded timber strips which are shaped with certain contours to provide ornamentation.


Dado panels and rails were commonplace in historical buildings, with the lower part of walls often panelled to hide signs of rising damp. Dado rails are a line of moulding which run along the full length of a wall, parallel to the skirting board, with the aim of protecting the wall from marks from furniture such as chairs knocking against the wall. Whilst this is a design feature seen much less often in modern homes, it can still be used to create a period feel to a property. Our expert team here at Timbersource possess the skills and experience to provide timber products like dado rails and dado panelling to your exact specifications, whether you wish to order a specific standard profile or want to replicate existing dado.

For more information about our mouldings or to make a bespoke order, get in touch with us for a quote.