Planed Timber

Planed timber all round means that all the woods surfaces has been planed, in others words it has been brought to a uniform level. The finished look requires a smooth surface ready to be worked on or presented.

For that professional finish why not let Timbersource plane the timber you order to remove the rough surface. Save valuable time in the workshop by letting our highly trained staff at Timbersource plane the wood to your satisfaction, we have the best site for the job, with a smooth finish that will be job-ready. This extra service on request is for those eager to make progress on their building project fast and to the highest quality. It can be ordered to you next day, standard 5-7 working days or simply come and collect it on the same day you ordered, whatever type of timber you choose, we can expertly machine it before dispatch. By using a surface planer, we’ll remove excess wood, so you are left with timber with a uniform, smooth surface on all four sides.

A benefit of planed timber is its superior finish; it looks polished and good quality, ready to be presented. It also has strong versatility for example it can be used for shelving, homemade furniture and flooring. Planed wood offers a depth of colour and durability making each piece unique.

If planing is suited to you, simply request it as part of your timber order and we’ll ensure you have a cost-effective quote before we carry out the work.


Timber Planing Grades:

The common grades for planed timber are: 

PAR - Planed all round (along both the edges and sides). 

PBS - Planed along both sides.

PSE - Planed on a single edge. 

Rough Sawn - Unplaned, raw cut timber. 

For more details on the wide range of wood sources to choose from and if you would like us to cut the timber down to the correct width for you, please click here Cut to width.


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