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Timber cladding can look both traditional and modern, depending on how it is used. It is lightweight, quick to fit into place and is a popular effect for exterior surfaces, in particular. There are many different laying styles for cladding including square edge, feather edge, ship lap and tongue and groove.

Timber cladding is often used on sheds, garages and walls but is also suitable when treated for interior use.

We import large quantities of high quality French Oak beams direct from French mills then use our band saw to cut cladding and weatherboarding / feather edge to order. This means we can supply tens of thousands of metres of cladding and weatherboarding for immediate delivery, at very competitive prices, for the largest projects.

We can also supply timber cladding and weatherboarding in cedar, and can cut it as required to produce feather-edge cladding, ship lap and half lap cladding. You can click & collect from our yard or we will delivery to most parts of the country. Delivery is usually made by lorry (curtain-sided for kiln dried timber) or van if it's a small, urgent order. Our regular drivers have considerable experience with timber and they are often referenced by our customers for their helpful attitude and careful handling of the timber.

Timber cladding is an increasingly popular choice for finishing the outside of commercial and domestic properties. Known also as timber weatherboarding or timber siding, it is an attractive and economical way to finish the exterior of both old and new buildings. In architecture and construction, cladding refers to one material on top of another, in order to provide an additional layer of protection against the elements. While it does not necessarily provide direct protection – in the form of waterproofing or wind proofing – it rather serves to control to run off, and provides an additional safeguard.

A benefit to timber cladding is that it’s aesthetically pleasing. Timber is a natural material that makes it’s finished look appear warm and comforting. Timbersource’s range of wood species means that an entire spectrum of natural tones can be achieved, with colour evolving as the wood weathers and ages.

Cladding is also seen as a fashion trend. Western Red Cedar and Iroko are extremely popular for their exquisite look. Western Red Cedar is from Canada/North America and is very popular for its natural durability and pleasant aroma. Iroko timber is a very popular hardwood due to its close similarity with Teak; this is an excellent alternative as Iroko is less expensive. Both these timbers are fashionable for their individuality. Cedar looks after itself and saves you time and effort whereas Iroko is beautiful to look at, very modern and natural looking.

Another benefit to timber cladding is that it is natural and durable, this means that it will be able to withstand a great deal of unpredictable conditions and impacts. Timber is a very substantial material and it has the natural defences to resist pollution, weathering and collision which makes timber cladding also very long lasting. This also makes it environmentally friendly. Timber is naturally renewable unlike most other construction materials. The production of timber cladding requires less fossil fuels to produce it compared to most building materials such as concrete and steel. It is also 100% recyclable, meaning that it’s one of the most environmentally friendly materials available for construction.

Timber cladding is also very versatile meaning it’s available at custom lengths and in choice of profiles. It can be designed in various patterns and species, which makes it flexible into suiting the wants and needs of customers. Its sheer variety means that it lends itself into experimentation with different decorative effects and can be stained, painted or allowed to go through its own weathering process over time, making its final finish unique and exclusive.

Timber cladding is also very efficient; with its exceptional insulation properties, the thermal conductivity is far superior than steel and concrete which helps to reduce the energy needed to heat/ cool a building.

Here at Timbersource our timber cladding is an ecological and sustainable material that can be PEFC or FSC certified and is available in several different species for example Western Red Cedar, European Oak, Douglas Fir, Iroko or Larch. These materials can be used externally and internally to provide not only favourable thermal insulation, but is also aesthetically pleasing and has good sound-absorption qualities. Timbersource offers a choice of standard profiles but are dedicated to produce special runs that require your unique pattern, making your needs important and putting what you want first.

FSC or PEFC certified, our Western Red Cedar is a perfect material for cladding homes or offices. Our range of profiles will suit both traditional and modern buildings alike and our accurate machining is apparent in our finished products.

Our cladding also has strong resistance and durability and is easy to fix. It can be coated with several different UV protective coatings to retain its colour or can be left to naturally become silver/grey which is a perfect staple, and makes it look unique.

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