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What is West African Utile Timber?

West African Utile Timber is a 'sister' species to Sapele but usually has a more interesting grain and gives a better 'finish', albeit at a higher price. Widths and lengths may be a little smaller than Sapele.

Utile Timber is used for: Joinery - Exterior, Joinery - Interior, Furniture, Decking, Cabinetwork, Boat Construction and many more. 



The Tree

Latin name Entandrophragma utile.

Also known as sipo (Ivory Coast), assié (Cameroons). 

The tree may be up to 45m tall and 2m in diameter above the base. The bole is straight, cylindrical, and free of buttresses, and may be 21m to 24m long.


The Timber

The heartwood and sapwood are distinct; the heartwood is pale pink when freshly cut, darkening on exposure to reddish-brown. It closely resembles the related Sapele, both in appearance and properties, but is more open in texture due to the larger pores, and generally lacks the cedar-like odour of Sapele. The interlocked grain produces a broad ribbon-stripe, often wider and more irregular than that of Sapele. It weighs about 660 kg/m³ when dried.


Strength and Durability

Utile strength properties are similar to those of American mahogany. 

Utile is moderately durable. Heartwood is moderately resistant to attack by decay, fungi and termites. Sapwood is liable to attack by powder-post beetle. Heartwood is extremely resistant to treatment; sapwood is easy to treat.


Physical Properties

Utile is moderate in hardness and weight. It has medium bending and crushing strengths and is not recommended for steam bending. Utile wood bending is difficult. Kiln-dries satisfactorily, usually with only slight degrade. Air-dries at a slow moderate rate with a slight to marked tendency to end-check and warp. 

Utile works rather well, but with a slight blunting effect on cutting edges. A cutting angle of 15° will reduce the tendency for the interlocked grain to tear during planing and moulding. Takes stain and glue well, and polishes well after filling.


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