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What is Balau Timber Decking?

Balau Timber is stocked as an exterior 'decking' profile. This is a Malaysian hardwood with natural durability and will gradually weather to a silver-grey colour.

Balau is used for: Heavy Structural Use, Marine or Freshwater Construction, Decking, Flooring and many more. Size is 21mm x 145mm profiled with small 'ripple' grooves on one face and deeper grooves on the reverse, allowing a choice of which side faces up.



The Tree

Latin name Shorea spp, Shorea atrinervosa, Shorea elliptica, Shorea foxworthyi, Shorea glauca, Shorea laevis, Shorea maxwelliana, Shorea submontana, Shorea guiso, Shorea kunstleri, Shorea collina, Shorea ochrophloia.

Also known as Yellow balau, red balau.


The Timber

Selangan batu is a yellowish-brown timber with interlocked grain, and a coarse, but even texture. According to species, durable to very durable.
Balau is a yellowish-brown, brown, or reddish-brown timber with interlocked grain, and a moderately fine and even texture. It is classified in Malaysia as being very durable.
Red balau is a purplish-red or dark red-brown timber, with an interlocked grain, and a coarse but even texture. It is classified in Malaysia as being less durable than balau, i.e. moderately durable.


Strength and Durability

All the species mentioned have hard, heavy and strong timbers with strength properties similar to those of greenheart. The timber is durable, with a little tendency to warp or twist (20 - 30 years life span).


Physical Properties

Balau has excellent overall strength and weather resistance.



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