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When you order Redwood timber cut to size, you need to know that the product we deliver to you is going to meet your exact specifications. To guarantee that this will occur, we have developed our cutting calculator tool. All you need to do is enter the required dimensions, as well as your chosen machining method, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Each piece of our Redwood timber is sourced in compliance with The EU Timber Regulation (EUTR), and we make full use of our 160 years of combined industry experience to select only the best wood available. Your timber is then cut to size in our private mill and machining shop, and delivered to you as soon as possible.

Ordering Redwood Timber Cut to Size from Timbersource

Part of our European Softwoods range, our Redwood timber is imported from Sweden, Finland and Russia – with grades varying according the intended usage. When ordering Redwood from Timbersource, it is worth noting that it is kilned prior to shipping. This means that the moisture count will be around 18% - slightly higher than most kiln dried softwood. Knots are relatively common, but their size and quality vary according to the part of the tree from which the timber was taken.

Ordering Redwood timber will provide you with a wood which machines well, and will stain and paint to an excellent finish. Redwood will dry well with minimal shrinkage, and generally takes both nails and glue moderately well. The heartwood is relatively resistant to preservative treatment, while the sapwood is permeable. Overall, this is a reasonably strong timber with low shock resistance properties.

What is European Redwood?

General Description

European Redwood timber (also referred to as Scandinavian Pine is imported from Sweden, Finland and Russia. The grades vary for different uses. Knots are common in the timber but their size and quality vary according to the part of the tree from which boards are converted.

It should be noted that the timber is kilned prior to shipping but the moisture content is often about 18%, and therefore higher than most kiln dried hardwood moisture contents.

The diameter of such pines normally result in board widths of 100mm - 225mm.

Edge-glued panels are imported in large volumes for pine furniture manufacturers, with lamination widths usually about 45mm.

Latin name Pinus sylvestris

European Redwood Also known as Scots pine (UK), Baltic redwood, Finnish redwood, Archangel redwood, Russian redwood, Polish redwood, red deal, yellow deal

Introduction "Scots pine" and "European redwood" are the trade names generally used in the UK to differentiate between homegrown and imported Pinus sylvestris.

Environmental Not listed in CITES. Available from well-managed sources.

European Redwood Distribution Widely distributed in Europe and northern Asia. It is found in the mountains of Spain and in the UK, especially in Scotland, at its westerly limits, in the north-west of Norway in a northerly direction, spreading east through northern Europe into Asia, and reaching the Verkhoyansk Range, while its extreme southerly point is in Spain, in the Sierra Nevada in Andalusia. It is found in the Maritime Alps in France, and in the eastern Pyrenees, and in the Caucasus and Transylvanian Alps. It is the only true pine indigenous to the British Isles, being native to Scotland and just over the border; elsewhere in the UK the forests are generally the result of planting.

Western Red Cedar Properties

The Tree The tree is generally 30m high with a diameter of about 1m but larger trees may be found on favourable sites.

The Timber The sapwood is creamy-white to yellow in colour, narrow, especially in northern environments, becoming wider in the southern areas, and the heartwood is pale yellowish-brown to reddish-brown, resinous, and usually distinct from the sapwood. The growth rings are clearly marked by the denser late-wood. The quality of the timber is affected by the conditions of growth, climate, soil, elevation, etc, more than most timbers because of its wide and varying distribution, and these factors affect the texture, density, size and number of knots. The weight of dried timber is about 510 kg/m³.

European Redwood Drying The timber dries rapidly, and without undue degrade, but owing to its tendency to develop sap stain, it should either be anti-stain dipped, or dried quickly after conversion.

Strength For its weight, the timber is strong and moderately hard, although UK plantation-grown timber is generally slightly softer and weaker than that from other sources.

Working Qualities Medium - In general, the timber works easily and well with both hand and machine tools, but ease of working and quality of finish is dependent upon the size, and number of knots, and degree of resin present. The wood is capable of a smooth, clean finish, and can be glued, stained, varnished and painted satisfactorily, and takes nails and screws well.

Durability Slightly durable. The heartwood is moderately resistant to preservative treatment and the sapwood is permeable. Moderately resistant to decay.

European Redwood Treatability Extremely difficult. Easy (Sapwood)

Moisture Movement Medium

Density (mean, Kg/m³) 510

European Redwood Physical Properties Medium overall strength. Not stiff. Low shock resistance. Stable.

Texture Medium

Working with Western Red Cedar

European Redwood Use(s) Joinery - Interior, Furniture, Structural use, Decking, Joinery - Exterior, Mouldings, Flooring, Cladding. Kitchen cabinets. Doors

Colour(s) White/cream

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