Black Walnut Planed Timber

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The Benefits of Black Walnut Planed Timber

Part of our American Hardwoods range, Timbersource’s made to measure black walnut planed timber is stocked in square edge 4" and wider, generally 4" - 7" boards within a FAS graded pack. A popular choice due to its inherent practicality and premium appearance, this wood is easy to machine, and great for nailing, screwing and gluing. It can also be painted easily, and can be polished to a dazzling finish, though the fact that it dries slowly means that care must be taken to avoid kilning degradation.

Though usually extremely durable, even under conditions in which decay becomes likely, the benefits of black walnut planed timber are mainly enjoyed for either light construction projects, high class joinery, or in the making of quality home furnishings. The heartwood itself is strongly resilient towards decay, although the sapwood can be targeted by powder post beetles. Overall, black walnut is a strong timber with low stiffness, and moderate bending and crushing capabilities. It is also a good choice for steam bending.

What is American Black Walnut?

American Black Walnut timber is usually stocked in square edge 4" and wider, generally 4" - 7" boards on average within a standard FAS graded pack. Favoured because it is easy to work and gives a very attractive 'quality' appearance. Black walnut will have some knots, and sapwood. Kiln dried stocks of 26mm, 32mm, 38mm, 51mm, 63mm, and 76mm with lengths generally 2m - 3 m.

Latin name Juglans nigra

Also known as American walnut, black walnut

Environmental Not listed in CITES. Available from well-managed sources

Distribution Black walnut is widely distributed throughout North America from south Ontario southward to Texas, and in the east from Maine to Florida, but it is not plentiful, firstly because its growth is scattered, and secondly, because of the clearing of ground for cultivation and the demands for the timber have exhausted the supply in many areas.

American Black Walnut Properties

The Tree Under favourable conditions, the tree attains a height of 30m and a diameter of 1.5m or more, the bole often being clear for 15m to 18m.

American Black Walnut The Timber The sapwood is usually narrow, and pale brown in colour, the heartwood varying in colour from rich chocolate-brown to a purplish-black. The wood has a fine even texture and a rather coarse grain, and weighs about 660 kg/m³ when dried.

American Black Walnut Drying Dries rather slowly with a tendency to honeycombing.

Working Qualities Good - The timber is moderately hard, tough, strong and is easily worked. It finishes well and takes an excellent polish. Good for nailing, screwing and gluing. Good Stability.

Physical Properties Hard timber with medium density. Moderate bending and crushing properties. Low stiffness. Good steam bending properties.

Durability Moderately durable. Resistant to heartwood decay. Sapwood liable to attack by powder post beetle.

Treatability Extremely difficult

Moisture Movement Medium

Density (mean, Kg/m³) 660

Texture Coarse

Availability Limited availability at specialist timber merchant

Working with American Black Walnut

Use(s) Furniture, Light construction, Cabinet Making. Architectural Interiors. High Class Joinery. Doors. Flooring. Paneling.

Colour(s) Dark brown/black (rich dark brown) with almost white pale sapwood.

What is FAS Grade

The FAS grade, which derives from an original grade "First And Seconds", will provide the user with long, clear cuttings - best suited for high quality furniture, interior joinery and solid wood mouldings. Minimum board size is 6" (152mm) and wider and 8' (2.44m) and longer. The FAS grade includes a range of boards that yield from 83.3% (10⁄12ths) to 100% clear-wood cuttings over the entire surface of the board. The clear cuttings must be a minimum size of 3" (76mm) wide by 7' (2.13m) long or 4" (102mm) wide by 5' (1.52m) long. The number of these cuttings permitted depends on the size of the board with most boards permitting one to two. The minimum width and length will vary, depending on species and whether the board is green or kiln dried. Both faces of the board must meet the minimum requirement for FAS.

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