What is American Walnut timber and how can it be used?

Timbersource stock a wide variety of timbers from around the world that can be used for different building and furniture projects. Our latest featured timber is American Walnut, which has good strength and durability. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider American Walnut for your next project.

When should you opt for American Walnut timber?

Furniture is one of the main uses for timber and American Walnut is a variety that makes good high-end cabinets, interior joinery, and doors, etc. The dark chocolate brown of the heartwood contrasts with the lighter colouring of the sapwood when steamed meaning this timber is often used to contrast with lighter species of timber.

The versatility of this American Walnut continues in its workability. This timber can be glued and screwed without too much risk of damage.

One of the main reasons why this timber is so sought after is the straight dark and strong heartwood. The colouration makes it a favourite amongst those looking for timber with a luxury feel.

Other uses of American walnut timber include flooring, desks, millwork, and lounge furniture. Many choose to use the timber for internal projects to preserve the unique aesthetic however the durability means it could also be applied to some external uses.


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When setting out on any construction project it is crucial that you find the right type of timber that suits your needs. If you have any questions on the type of timber you need do not hesitate to get in touch and arrange a quote.