How to look after and treat your Timber Decking

Timber decking is a timber framed and decked area built off the ground which is often attached to the back of a house, but can also be free standing. Timber decking has many uses for example it can be used to create an outdoor dining or seating space, a poolside or hot tub area or can even be used for paths or steps.

How to Install Decking:

-          To prevent your new decking being inundated by weeds, lay a deck fabric over the ground before the decking is fitted.

-          Ensure that the framework for the decking is laid on to concreate foundations rather than directly on to the soil for added stability.

-          For water run-off, the decking should gently slope away from the house.

Choose a decking cleaner which is designed to reduce or prevent slipping and use this regularly to keep it in good, usable condition. Make sure you re-treat the decking afterwards, also checking regularly for any loose boards or splintered wood and repair where necessary. 

Key Tips to Decking:

Cleanliness is key – whether you are oiling, staining or sealing your decking, take your time to clean it before: a mop and bucket would do the trick!

Saving it from the sun – if you want to keep your timber vibrant in colour, you can use oxalic acid (wood bleacher) which can be obtained through online shops such as Amazon.

Preserve your wood – another tip is to treat the timber with some form of wood preserver before your final treatment, this will lengthen its life and stop rot and wood-boring insects taking over. Do ensure that the oil is pushed into the wood and is not left on the surface of it.

Perfection takes time – whilst oiling your decking remember less is more, three thin coats of oil will work better than two thick coats. A thick coat of oil can’t penetrate easily and takes ages to dry. You might be tempted to just keep applying in the hope that it will last longer but the only thing you’ll be doing is leaving oily deposits on the surface which can then take over two days to dry.

Final Tip – enjoy!

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