The National Home Building Renovation Show

Timbersource is being part of The National Home Building Renovation Show at The Bath and West Showground on November 18th-19th 2017. The National Home Building Renovation Show is an event where you can discover the latest products, get the best value for your money and receive advice from the professionals of their business. Its where you can swap months of browsing the internet for a face to face view of the products themselves all done under one roof.

Timbersource are bringing their brand to The Bath and West Showground to allow people to come and invest or scour our stock and top sellers. This also allows people who hasn’t invested in timber before to understand what we do and how important it is to us. Bringing our products to the publics sight gives people the opportunity to see products in the open and to feel their worth and quality, which is something you can’t do whilst looking on our website.

Being a part of The Home Building Renovation Show is important to Timbersource because it allows us to push our business, show people who we are and give any advice or guidance to help people choose the right timber suited for them. It also shows that as a business we get involved in home renovation projects.

Parkour Event 12th August

On the 12th August Timbersource hosted a parkour event, which was in the form of a commercial video. This video highlighted Timbersource as a business, gave an insight to products and unique selling points.

The reason we chose to include parkour in our commercial video is because it highlights the pace of our service, for example the speed and the stunts shown by the free runner shows the quickness of our production, such as having your order at next day delivery or same day via collection. The pace of the video also relates to how quickly we can make your order, for example on same day collection, we would be able to have your order ready and waiting for you to pick it up at specific time on that same very day to show we are efficient into suiting your needs.

Be sure to check out our parkour page and video by clicking the link:

One Year at The Waterlip Premises

On July 19th, Timbersource celebrated their first year at the Waterlip premises. Timbersource has been based in Somerset since 2001 to provide customers with a range of timber services. The rapid growth of the company led to hiring more staff and bringing in industrial grade machinery that enabled the company to diversify with a wider range of services, including cross cutting, sanding and re sawing.

The company has grown significantly in line with increasing demand. We are constantly moving to bigger premises because of our excellent image and grow of the company. Our exquisite representation for delivering to short lead-in times is exemplary and has made Timbersource the trusted name in the industry – with a service that out performs other timber importers.

Timbersource is growing more each day and it is in act of a celebration of how well we have achieved as a company by being at a newer, bigger premises for a year so far.



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